Engineering Solutions What we do

  • Engineering and design service

    Dabster specializes in the design of all of type of technological processes, production lines, chemical installations, process equipment, transport systems, and various kinds of conveyors.

  • Delivery and erection of machinery

    Dabster supplies machinery, process equipment and complete production lines followed with erection, commisioning and start-up.

  • Consulting and project management services

    Dabster with qualified
    and well prepared engineers offers consulting and project management assistance, inspection and supervision activities.

  • Services for oil & gas industry

    Dabster offers comprehensive engineering services, starting from consulting, through feasibility study, basic design and detail engineering up to delivery of equipment.


Technologies Our technologies

  • Aluminum sulfate production

    One of the most important technology developed by Dabster is Aluminium sulfate production process from kaolin, bouxite or aluminium hydroxite. Product in liquid or solid form is a coagulant for water teratment.

  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate production

    The newest technology developed by Dabster is Calcium Ammonium Nitrate production in form of granules or pastilles as a product for fertilizers.



  • Poly aluminum chloride production

    Dabster company developed process and technology of production of poly aluminum chloride contents of 18% wt.AI2O3 in a liquid form serving as a coagulant for water treatment.


  • Magnesium sulphate production

    Dabster owns the technology of producing magnesium sulphate as a fertilizer product in solid form




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