From the beginning very important part of Dabster company activity is supply of machinery, process equipment, complete production and technology lines as well as auxiliary installations like electrical and automation systems or piping. Dabster services are not limited only to delivery of the equipment, but also we provide full technical assistance and support through the whole process.

We specialize in design, selection and supply of process equipment such like:

  • Various type of conveyors: belt conveyors, screw conveyors, disc conveyors, rotary feeders
  • Process reactors
  • Cooling stations,
  • Condensers, 
  • Heat-exchangers, 
  • Vibrating screens and segregation equipment, 
  • Containers & tanks: small and large (plastic, steel, black steel and stainless steel, welded and bolted), 
  • Compressors and fans, 
  • Silos, 
  • Hoppers, scrapers, shakers, vibrators, 
  • Various kinds of pumps, 
  • Valves, flow meters, automation.

In scope of Dabster services can be also included assembly and erection. With our team of experienced engineers, we are able to meet any task posed.

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