The newest technology and process developed by Dabster is Calcium Ammonium Nitrate production in liquid form or solid form of flakes or granules. 

Dabster’s technology allows the production of Calcium Nitrate from various raw materials like CaCO3, CaO or Ca(OH)2 with HNO3. Moreover it’s possible to expand plant of production of Magnesium Nitrate from MgO or MgCO3.

Each plant is designed individually taking into account the availability of raw materials, utilities supply and according to Customer requirements such like available area, capacity of installation, form of final product or even method of packing.  

Every time plant consist of individual sections such like:

  • Storage & preparation of raw materials, 
  • Reaction unit for 50% concentrated Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, 
  • Evaporation unit, 
  • Crystalization, pastillation / granulation unit, 
  • Packing unit, 
  • Storage and export of final product.

If you are interested in our technology , please contact us via the contact form.

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