Engineering design for the industry is the leading area of activity among the services offered by the Dabster company. We deliver comprehensive and customized engineering solutions according to the needs and the client’s guidelines, based on our many years of experience and developed technologies.

Dabster company specialize in design of various kind of processes, technology lines, production lines, chemical installations, handling and transporting systems. In particular bulk material handling based on pneumatic transport or various kinds of conveyors.

Basic scope of services includes of:

  • design of complete technology installation with equipment, piping, tanks, valves, cable trays and all accompanying equipment, 
  • design of installation for granulation or pelletizing e.g. for fertilizers, 
  • design of handling systems for bulk materials, ashes, sludge, cryolite,
  • design of installation for loading, unloading and dozing of glues, resins, acids, 
  • design of de dusting system and central vacuum cleaning systems, 
  • design of systems for screening and segregation.

We have completed a number of reference objects, in particular a factory producing aluminum sulphate in Egypt, for which the Dabster company developed a unique process technology. We made the concept, basic and detailed multibranch design, supplied key equipment and central control system with DCS.

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