DABSTER  offers services for projects related to oil and gas industry such as:


  • Comprehensive engineering services, starting from consulting at a project any stage, through feasibility study, basic design and detail engineering, 
  • Procurement and expediting assistance, 
  • Erection supervision, 
  • Site and shop inspections, incl.
  • NDT testing, 
  • Personnel training assistance, 
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning assistance, 
  • Start-up assistance.

Moreover Dabster design and delivers oil and gas storage facilities – tank farms. The biggest one designed by Dabster was with the volume of 30 000 m3 for the Customer in  Russia.

Dabster is ready to offer the following scope:

  • Unloading facilities of the raw material and products like: crude oil, DPK, gas oil, gasolines, fuel oil, LPG and others; rail, road and long- distance transmission pipelines, unloading stands, 
  • Pipeline transport /underground, on sleepers, on pipe racks, 
  • Pump house and pumping facilities for process streams, utilities and fire fighting, 
  • Storage tanks for raw materials and products:
    • vertical, cylindrical tanks with fixed or floating roofs,
    • horizontal tanks/vessels,
    • spherical tanks,
  • Products shipment stands /gantries, loading arms and others, incl. combined with vapors tight installation, for:
    • railway shipment filling stands,
    • road tanker shipment,
    • fuel stations,
  • Drainage and sewage systems, incl. treatment,
  • Power supply and distribution systems.

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