Client: Private client, Egypt

Period of construction: 2014

Dabster company starts implementation of turn-key project of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate production plant Ca(NO) with concentration unit for the fertilizers manufacturer in Egypt.

The requirement of the customer was to obtain product in the form of pastile of a certain diameter, which managed to achieve through the use of Sandvik pastillation line.

Dabster scope of work was:

  • development of technology, process description and know-how,
  • basic design of Civil and Electrical Engineering,
  • basic and detail engineering for mechanical and process ( executive project of equipment, tanks, pipelines with supports of the main product Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Ca(NO) with different concentrations and auxiliary media like  low and high pressure steam, cooling and chilled water, control air, vapour and condensates ),
  • delivery of equipment like: evaporator, heat-exchangers, fan, pumps, buffer tanks, steam expansion system, valves etc.,
  • delivery of complete electrical system, instrumentation and DCS control system.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Concentration Unit equipped with heat exchangers, condensers, tanks with demisters and Evaporator as a heart of installation has capacity of 250 tons of product per day expandable to 500 tons per day.

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