Client: Nordural

Design and build - Central Vacuum Cleaning System for Nordural Aluminum smelter.

Period of construction: 2007-2008

Subject matter and scope of services:

  • Development of technology, 
  • Basic and detail design,
  • Supply of dust collection equipment (vacuum pumps, cyclones, filters, dust transport system, scraper conveyors and belt conveyors, vibrating screens, magnetic separator and an independent control system,
  • Erection, commissioning and start-up,
  • Training of personnel.

Central vacuum cleaning is another Dabster project for aluminum smelter. The company was responsible for design, delivery of equipment, automation and control system, execution, and commissioning of the installation.  Task also included the segregation of the material from 10 stations of vacuum cleaning with collecting piping system. Station of receiving material from car vacuum cleaners.

Moreover Dabster delivered vacuum pumps, cyclones, filters, pneumatic transport system for crylite dust with the recovery system of dust to the silo, vibrating screen for separating trash (like: bottles, gloves, etc.),magnetic separator to separate the steel materials (ferromagnetic) and conveyor for loading  of separated rubbish into the container.

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