Modernization of Sludge Transport System for Waste water treatment plant in Cracow.

Period of construction: 2011

Subject matter and scope of services:

  • Design works project design of height increase of the conveyors outlet, the selection of a new belt conveyor and design of “shut-off valves” for sludge silo, 
  • Deliveries – rotary belt conveyor and a set of shut-off valves,
  • Installation and construction works – height increase of the conveyors outlet and assembly of equipment.

This task performed by DABSTER cover the scope of preparing of technical project, carried out the modernization of two existing screw conveyors for transporting of sludge, each with a length of 12 meters, and the modernization of conveyor’s support structure, which enabled to locate a new rotating conveyor ( belt conveyor ) for emergency dumping of sludge. Moreover Dabster designed, prefabricated and erected two shut-off valves to allow the cut-off between the sludge silo (120 m3) and located under it screw conveyor with the length of 5 meters.

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