Client: Mercator Medical S.A.

Technical consultant of the Project for nitrile glove factory in Thailand for Mercator Medical S.A.

Period of realization: 2015/2016

In December 2015 the company Dabster signed a contract with Mercator Medical S.A. for technical consultation of the Project for nitrile glove factory in Thailand. Technical documentation was made by Thai company based on technology provided by the Investor. Dabster role was in particular consultation and verification of project and technical documentation in the field of construction and building, road, sanitary, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection system. The essence of the work was also checking of multi branch documentation for possible collisions between drawings or missing details.

During development of the Project the scope of the consultation were extended to verification of static calculations for reinforced concrete and steel structure with preparation of solutions to optimize construction, finishing works and other systems it in terms of project budget. Moreover Dabster company was responsible of detailed checking of bills of quantities as the basis for the selection of the General Contractor by the Tender.

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